Our most popular games

As an online casino game developer we need to stay on top of
the game at all times. At least, if we want casino players to keep gokken, or
gambling, on our casino slot machines. This because our world is extremely
competitive. As a casino player you might not notice it, but slot machine providers
are becoming almost as common as online casinos. Nowadays you need to have a
competitive edge, which we believe that we have found. You will discover
exactly what that edge is when you read about our most popular casino slot
machines so far.

Duo Language casino game

We created this slot machine to combine gokken and the
current travel trend. It seems like nowadays everybody wants to travel and
learn new languages. Why not gokken while traveling and learn a new language
while doing so? That’s what we thought when creating the Duo Language casino slot
machine. At the beginning you can choose your native language and the language
you want to learn. Instead of symbols we have words that need to be matched
with the correct translation. You won’t master a new language after playing
this casino slot machine, but you might pick up a few things. And it has proven
to be successful.

Sudoku game

This slot machine got called a breath of fresh air by https://onlinegokkengids.com/. Between
all the similar casino slot machines that, let’s face it are pretty easy to
play, at Sudoku you have to let your brain work a little. After all, you only
get a limited amount of moves and you can only make a limited amount of errors
if you want to win. This is not an easy casino slot machine, so practicing
beforehand might be useful. Otherwise you can always go ahead and try the slot
machine in the demo mode first.

Mehhh game

In this video slot machine you get to gokken against an evil
goat. He is actually rooting against you and doing everything in his power to
make you lose. If you do hit a win, he will bother you with a lot of mehhhhh’s.
Even though this slot machine might not seem special at first sight, after
every win, the slot machine will expand with another roll until it hits a
maximum of ten rolls. The only downside is that when that happens you will have
to beat 10 goats instead of just one. That presents quite a casino challenge.

Hit the police game

Who likes the police? Probably nobody. When you need them,
they are nowhere to be found and when you least need them, they are there to
get you a fine. Talk about lousy timing. Fortunately, there is a casino slot
machine in which you can release all your anger against these officers of the
law. You just have to be lucky enough to make it to the bonus round. Once there
you can hit 10 to 20 officers in the face and see them bleed. And you can earn
money while doing so. What’s better than that?

More to come

As you have probably been able to guess, we try to create casino
slot machine s that are relevant to our society. Nobody likes the police,
everybody wants to travel, use their brain a little and even mehhhh is a
popular expression nowadays. And we will continue to create slot machine like

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